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We're on a lease for another 4 months, and she's expressed that she wants to leave at the end of the lease, but that she still loves me.She says she loves me but also says that I'm not the one.Ive been in those described "all consuming" love relationships and with them I was met with toxicity, manipulation, and abuse. And it's not in an all consuming, lightning bolt, romantic kind of way.It feels like we built a strong foundation before the thunderstorm came, so when/if that all consuming feeling hits us, we still have the relationship to fall on once the storm ends. The word "love" was a point of contention going in to this relationship and I'm in no rush to have the words forced out.I started talking to him a bit more about it, and he said that when he was on vacation he thought maybe we should break up, but the more he thought about it the more miserable he was.And that if he was miserable at the idea of not being with me, that there was no reason we shouldn't be together.

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She thinks everything is peachy; that this is how it's supposed to be.There's a guy she's been hanging out with, and it's given me a gut feeling that something's up.I confronted her about this guy and she admitted to me that yes, they like each other, but that it's just a "sexual tension thing at work" and that I don't need to worry. Anyways, she's on this backpacking trip right now.Like I said, been married twice, for a total of going on 10 years, with a 4 year divorce in the middle.Not just a separation, a full fledged divorce with child support and everything.

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