Wsus 3 clients not updating

If not then a couple possible causes include: To address this, you need to make sure that the group policy is successfully updated on each client and that the WSUS setting is properly configured.

For more information on this see the following Tech Net documentation: Configure Automatic Updates by Using Group Policy In case you are using a registry modification or local policy make sure that the same is applied.

There are also some situations you may run into where some or all clients stop reporting to the server and these steps will also help for those scenarios as well.

On the client run gpresult or to make sure that the details of the WSUS server exist.

I have checked the GPO and run the Client Diag tool with no help - all seems to check out.

To verify it might be something buried deep, I took one of my remaining 4 (an XP laptop) and reformatted/ rebuilt. So I am left now with 3 systems that show up but will not report status (2 Win7 systems and the 2k8 server which WSUS resides on).

I am not going to rebuild any of the others, but am floored that even the server that WSUS resides on can't report status.

Hello, We have a WSUS server running on Windows Server 2012 R2.

When I click on the computers with errors link I get the following information: I am using my workstation as an example.

Now WSUS shows that I am needing 8 updates and have 1 update with errors.

After a format and complete rebuild of the 2k3 system, it showed up and reported status (and also pulled updates for install).

This left me with 4 systems (small test domain that i can't grow until this is fixed) that were showing up in WSUS, but not reporting status.

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