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As a means to an end he enlists Charlie, an English actress and double agent working on behalf of the Israelis.

For example, a company has five alternative processes to the one it's using, and it wants to know if any of the five is better or not.The most important criteria in the decision are chosen, and the alternatives are compared using these criteria.There are variations and how to use the criteria and we will look at those later on.Our baseline is the system we have in place at the moment, so we score this a nought against our criteria. If it's better we give it a 1, if it's the same we give it a 0, and if it's worse we give it a -1. In terms of criteria 2, it's the same as the baseline.For criteria 3 it's better, and for criteria 4 its worse. We assess each of the alternatives B, C and D in the same way, filling in all the blanks.

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