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It gave me goosebumps," she says with another toothy beam.

Her own daughter is now at the age she was when she started out, and it seems she might be following her mother's lead: Lily-Rose has a songwriting credit on Love Songs, alongside her father. And I knew I wanted to make a song of it, but it took all those years.

Judging by her demeanour – relaxed, scruffy-chic, sweary, smart – Paradis isn't a woman fazed by much. Twenty-five years in the spotlight can do that for a woman.First off, the actor Paradis' new film, Fading Gigolo, is out this weekend, and there's promotion to be done.It's set among the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, also stars Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, and is a lightly comic story about an unlikely male prostitute (John Turturro).She sang not only the first phrase with the melody but even the words. ' It was like a melody that can lighten you up in church. But despite her mother's teenage example, Lily-Rose is seemingly yet to request her own moment in the spotlight.As the daughter of internationally famous parents, the adolescent Ms Depp-Paradis must be as aware as anyone of the likely pressures.

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