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A School You Attended Describe a school you have attended(in your childhood).

You should say: whereit was (or, what school it was) whatthe classrooms were like (or, looked like) whatthe teachers were like * and explain how you felt about thisschool.

You should say: whatmagazine it is howoften you read it (or, when you read it) what themagazine is about (or, what the articles in the magazine are about) whatkinds of people generally read this magazine or newspaper * and explain why you like to read it.

You should say: what language how you would learn it whatdifficulties you think you might (or would) have when learning this language.

and explain why you would like tolearn this language.

You should say: whenthis time was whatyou did at this time howyou arranged your time and explain howyou felt after this busy time was over.

* (Or, Explain how youfeel during this busy time.) * Another Culture Describe a place where you enjoyedlearning about another culture You should say: what place it was why you went there what you learned and explain why you enjoyed learningabout this culture.

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