Who is spragga benz dating

The police said they returned fire and the men fled. suffering from gunshot wounds and in possession of a .45 semi-automatic pistol. was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.Following his son's death, Benz founded the Carlisle Foundation, with the aim of helping local youths.

The Benz in his name comes from the sound system for which he used to work for, L. Benz, and it is through this that he found his way into the music industry at a Dubplate recording session with Buju Banton.

Most of the people who enjoy personal and profession life never want their personal life blend with their profession.

But when you are a celebrity, it’s hard to keep your personal life private as many eyes and paparazzi keep a watch over you.

The famed elder DJ was slated to do four tracks for L. Benz but only voiced two and suggested that Spragga do the other two.

Since he was new to recording, he freestyled a couple of lines of what would then become, "Love Mi Gun", a popular tune.

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