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There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece.When a family is held hostage, former hostage negotiator Jeff Talley arrives at the scene.However - also remember that while older references zing over the heads of younger consumers - newer references zing over the heads of older consumers, too.An aging alcoholic cop is assigned the task of escorting a witness from police custody to a courthouse 16 blocks away.

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, for when long-running series make blatant (and sometimes forced) references to modern culture in an attempt to seem up-to-date or to look more "hip", often resulting in one of these." Subtropes include Fashion Dissonance (when this is caused by clothing and hairstyles alone) and Zeerust (when it's just the depiction of future technology that's outdated).Look for examples of Technology and Society Marching On, Aluminum Christmas Trees, and scenes that would resemble Mister Sandman Sequences if they occurred in an period piece.Obviously films and TV shows done in black and white, or non-high definition, as well as video games, will automatically be dated for technology reasons, but if we listed them all we'd be here all day.So it would be best to judge them more by content and plot.

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