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As early as 1953, shortly after Josef Stalin's death, the state had its first big crisis when workers rose against the government on June 17th. Even Communist author Bertolt Brecht criticized the government in his poem have elections, and other parties than the Marxist SED, but they were far from democratic.East Germans called this voting "Falten gehen" (going to fold), because anybody who did anything but fold their ballot (like crossing out candidates, or even staying at home) and put it in the urn immediately became suspicious.As the East Germans said, the only way to vote was "by foot", i.e. Well, until 1961 that is, afterwards this was less of an option.During its early years, the conservative government of West Germany did everything they could to not acknowledge East Germany's existence; breaking off diplomatic relations with every state (other than the USSR, which was too big to ignore) that acknowledged the GDR, calling it derogatory names like "Ostzone" (east zone), "Sowjetische Besatzungszone" (Soviet-occupied Zone), "so-called GDR" and "Undeutsche Undemokratische Diktatur" (Un-German Undemocratic Dictatorship), and generally claiming that western Germany was the only legitimate German state.The Dresden and Rügen areas couldn't, so were dubbed "The Valley of the Clueless".

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The Paragraph 175 homophobic legislation from Imperial Germany remained on the books in both West and East Germany, but East Germany stopped enforcing it in The '50s and took a far more moderate approach albeit it absolutely forbade the creation of any public Gayborhood and kept the closet in force.Planned the one or other raid on West Germany too, but the unification stopped the plan before it could be executed. Due to Germany still being, in many regards, an occupied country with two separate and independent governments, the Western powers (US, UK, France) had Military Liaison Missions in the GDR, allowing them to observe Soviet forces in action.East Germany also did quite well in sporting events..."After the uprising of the 17th of June The Secretary of the Writers' Union Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee Stating that the people Had forfeited the confidence of the government And could win it back only By redoubled efforts.Would it not be easier In that case for the government To dissolve the people And elect another?

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