Who is justin bruening dating

The doctors hit it off and hook up after the evening, and the at-first unlikeable doctor helps April begin to overcome her crisis of faith after he confesses he lost a son, and found his way back into the light through his faith.Koracick left Seattle after Amelia and Alex's patient decided to leave the hospital and spend the rest of her days watching musicals, but since there was no resolution to his and April's fling, maybe they're doing long distance.Across the hospital, Maggie (Kelly Mc Creary) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) support Richard (James Pickens Jr.) when he learns that his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor is receiving end-of-life care for liver failure.This week, Alex and Amelia struggle with their trial’s inability to help their first young patient, and several other doctors unite to protect one of their interns when an officer with U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, comes to the hospital looking for her.revealed a lot of information during Thursday's new episode, but we can't help but wonder about one of the fan-favorite doctor's latest reveal.

Miranda talks the officer through a heart procedure, and he admits to her that he doesn’t know what his work’s purpose is anymore. While this scene could be read as politically passive, the rest of the episode sees the doctors denouncing rising deportation rates and the officer’s presence in their hospital.

April Kepner (Sarah Drew) dropped a bomb fans did not see coming.

After eating one of the cookies, April and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) have a conversation about secrets after she overhears Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Catherine (Debbie Allen) discussing Harper's past. and I know about Maggie," April says as Bailey talks about how her research project already got bought by a sex toy company.

Matthew returned to Grey Sloan Memorial after this wife was admitted to give birth to their son.

The baby was born with some complications, and his wife tragically died from a complication, as Matthew begged April to stay away.

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