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Kirke considers herself first and foremost an artist.

She began acting through roles she accepted for a number of her friends.

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We had Alex continue his vision for the video's story with a series of polaroids paired with poetic, eerie captions that show a romance blooming out of desperation in the grimy cracks between the city's facade: You won't be able to tell from the video, but we had to shoot in NYC while dodging paparazzi.  You can find the articles online.  Tabloid trash.  Click bait for lonely emotion junkies.  Jemima put herself on the line and the clip proves it was worth it." You won't be able to tell from the video, but we had to shoot in NYC while dodging paparazzi. I don't care how hot it is down in a New York City subway station.  You hold the girl close and keep her back from the tracks.  It was all Jemima's idea.  Including that my character would drink diet coke with the label ripped off.  She's as sick as me.  With twice the talent.  Imagine what we could do together with some money." I don't care how hot it is down in a New York City subway station. This tendency towards character and story allows Alex to create a unique aesthetic that ties his music and his videos together into beautifully damaged pieces of brilliant storytelling.His voice and style seem like a natural fit for Angel Olsen, an acclaimed American singer-songwriter who has had dreams of becoming a pop star since she was young, and made good on those dreams with a series of mournfully gorgeous records conjuring worlds of love lost and beauty in pain.Kirke attended the New York premiere of the “BFG” with her stepchildren, sans Mosberg, in late June.A rep for Kirke did not immediately return our request for comment.

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