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Although he had no certificate to act, he believed that he was full qualified.He had performed three operations last week and had a like number for this week. When there were very few Jews in Toronto he performed the marriage ceremony and other duties of a Rabbi.A nurse in the hospital administered a similar dose to the two other children when they became restless.The Block [baby] recovered but the two other infants died the next day. Gettler said the organs of both children contained a large amount of acetaldehyde, derived from paraldehyde. Martin, Medical Examiner of Brooklyn, submitted the finding to District Attorney Dodd, who said last night that he would not make any statement concerning the case until today.63 Baxter street,) being eight days old, was circumcised on Sunday last by Dr.Abrams, of Bleecker street, who performed the operation in the usual manner.Isaac Halpern, who performed the circumcision, told the jury how he did the operation on baby Greisman.

Walter Mc Keown states that Jacob Halpern, a butcher at 59 Chestnut Street, was called in by the father on Sunday to perform the Jewish rite of circumcision. He was present at the birth of the child and at the circumcision.

Miss Lillian Reynolds, a nurse at the hospital, said she had given the mixture to the children as a pacifier, at the suggestion of Rabbi Gustav Spund of 322 East Third Street, Manhattan. George Ruger of the District Attorney’s office was present at theautopsies performed in the morgue at King’s County Hospital. The hospital kept no record of medication, he said.

May 1, 1926 [sic] Finds Paraldehyde Killed Two Infants Deaths in Brooklyn Hospital Not Due to Brandy, Bellevue Toxicologist Says.

A few hours afterwards it was discovered that the bandage was displaced and that the child was bleeding profusely. Abrams was recalled, but his efforts to stop the hemorrhage were ineffectual.

The verdict was; “Death from convulsions, superinduced by loss of blood following circumcision; further we find that the operation was rightly performed.” (Online Archives of the New York Times) _______________________________________________________ Baby Boy Greisman died November 29, 1903 following a ritual circumcision by Isaac Halpern.

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