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Last week we had a new director and he was like, “It seems like you guys have been working together for a year.” We all kind of looked at each other like, “Oh, no! I can’t really say, right now I don’t, up unto this point, knock on wood, nothing particularly comical or in a bad way has happened.” We just let go, we all like each other so much and we feel the chemistry between us and it seems like others can see it as well. Our four shows have really gone smoothly, so that’s awesome, we’re just knocking them out. I don’t know how effective they are, I’ve never actually used one myself.We’ve been getting released real early from tape night and we have time to go out and have a drink afterwards. But, I really think it’s a really good time for this show and subject matter.It seems to me, that in the last four years or so, that online dating and dating services have really lost their stigma.It’s like we’ve all known each other for years, we just clicked immediately.

Why she'd be excited then to see him reenter her life is anyone's guess.So thankful for opportunity to serve as its Mistress of Ceremonies. #charity #citygala pic.twitter.com/2PSk SUd XPV So excited for this! I’ll be sharing my upcoming travels to #Washington DC hosting @INROADS’s Benefit Gala MAY 17 (so excited 😃). 🙌🏽 pic.twitter.com/ud Ytf QSWkz Our #INROADSBenefit Gala honorees are: @My CIEStory #Willand Jada Smith Family Foundation, #Tim Ryan @Pw C, @Lockheed Martin, #Darryl Willis @googlecloud @Google, #Caleb Tacuri @Deptof Defense, Mistress of Ceremonies @ionoverman. INROADS.org/benefitgala pic.twitter.com/gbn Rmja Fi W Tomorrow we will be revealing our Gala honorees. Join us on May 17 in Washington, DC, at our #INROADSBenefit Gala. 💃🏽 #INROADSBenefit Gala #Charity #Inroads #Zac Posen pic.twitter.com/TTbd Bk ZUP9 Thank you to all of our #INROADSBenefit Gala sponsors: @Xerox​, @Pw C​, @Lockheed Martin​, @Volkswagen​, @B_M​, @Deptof Defense​, @Procter Gamble​, @jpmorgan​, #Cydcor​, @Harris Corp ​and @USTrust!The gals on Love, Inc., on the other hand, start off as needy and desperate as the sad sack clients of Wing Woman.#FBF Still thinking about last week’s @INROADS Gala. pic.twitter.com/i KIm Pr T3of #aboutlastnight I was honored w/ the opportunity 2 share why our @IAPFoundation1 & @PNInitiative support @INROADS at #INROADSBenefit Gala, where we made a financial contribution to their extraordinary work from funds raised at @city_gala. pic.twitter.com/PGo Qi CHRKM Have you checked out my blog yet at Ion Overman.com?

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