Who is clay aiken dating

I think many guys can tell even if they don't realize it - it's a matter of instinct.For me the best way to tell a top is he's a good looking gay guy but I'm not attracted to him.I'm too lazy to link to the section where he discusses his sex life with women, but he basically says he knew he recognized gay feelings in himself from age 13/14 but, because he was famous, couldn't just walk into a gay bar or experiment discreetly. He also loves to play/act the supportive and docile image.He made it sound like he had sex with women because it was more easily available to him but he could never commit himself fully to it, and once he got into the Rent tour and started doing theatre, he had an outlet for gay sex/experimenting that he felt comfortable with, and he never looked back after he started. I'm not trying to divert the topic,but dose anyone think he was kind of a pedo? His husband who is taller then him and a doctor, is always made out by Cheyenne to being the 'Daddy' and he calls himself 'mummy' to their dog.And my absolute priority, more than having a good song, is to set a good example. Afterwards, Joel asked Clay,"What is your favorite song to sing?I accept it as a responsibility.""The traffic is horrible. Makes sense to me, although I'm sure if he really wanted to experiment in 80s/90s L. He came out in the 1980's (kinda, but also in '06) and was quite the athlete in high school so I would go with bottom. It is under the personal life section and is rather sad if anything. His boyfriend was very good looking when he matured but gosh, Christopher dated his boyfriend when his boyfriend was 16 and he was in his late 30s. Trust, go on his insta etc...isn't a top and he is proud of it too!That makes me cringe and feel very uncomfortable,yikes!! Agree r111, I can also read a guy's energy to tell top/bottom.

Maybe he is versatile and "adjusts" to whoever he is with at the moment. A top or bottom thing is more about your preference, what you would rather do most of the time. My friend was surprised when he went to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and it was Ricky.I have a very good friend from Miami, that went out with Ricky Martin, before Ricky got engaged with his partner Carlos Gonzalez, and he told me that Ricky has a beautiful big dick, that Ricky is a top, and a very passionate lover.My friend still mentioned that Ricky was the best lover he ever had. One of DL posters claimed that he had sex with him and that Bomer was versatile.That is the bottom's equivalent to "I have a huge dick"WHAT is going on with George Takei's rectum that he finds it "hard to bottom due to age"? And WHY would a doctor doing a colonoscopy be "complimenting Lance Bass on his tight hole"? R83-the power bototm thing was about a guy in that long-forgotten reality show boy band called O Town. When they made their appearance up here in Toronto on a live dance music show, the "obviously" gay power bottom dude commandeered the mike away from the other band members and embarrassed them with his over-the-top queeniness. r110Did you see Elton try to stuff the microphone up Channing Tatum's ass during that event? I'm guessing 99.99999% of people on this site are American because damn, you would think every single guy in Europe was gay!! Quinto, Elton John, Lambert have not only spoken about being tops but they have that control/domineering thing about them as well.R20/R42, Neil's interview with Howard Stern is on You Tube. We can argue about Quinto though as I think due to his personality it's also a control thing but lets be more analytic then typical. I have never seen anyone who loves being objectified like him.

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