Who is andy dating on the office

She shows up already having given birth, toting along her newborn daughter Astrid.The rather pathetic shower goes ahead anyway, with Michael treating Holly meanly so as not to upset Jan.Michael hooks up with a concierge to try to forget his heartbreak over Holly, while Andy attempts to play wingman for Oscar and ends up drunk-dialing an angry Angela, who resets their relationship to first base.

After being disrespected by a new vice president, Michael quits Dunder-Mifflin to start his own company, but returns triumphantly when he gets bought out and his rival is banished from Scranton.Holly decides that Meredith needs to be terminated for this infraction, and she and Michael have a tense lunch over which he tries to convince her otherwise.Eventually, HR at corporate orders the affair swept under the rug.To mess with Andy, Dwight decides to become a huge Cornell devotee, stocking up on the school’s memorabilia and even sending in an application.Jim and Pam have lunch in New York with Jim’s brothers, who play a bizarre “prank” that involves belittling Pam’s aspirations of becoming an artist, but she ingratiates herself to them by playing along with this rather cruel ruse.

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