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The release was the group’s highest-charting album ever, landing at No. Do you remember how you guys got some of these songs together?

2 on the Billboard Top 200, while going platinum in the U. We had a space out on Long Island—we shared the space with this band called the Sleeping—and some of the early sketches for the songs kind of came out of there. For us—and this is something we still apply today—we just always want to keep growing and to be the best band that we can.

” I just love how that song came together, start to finish.

Ironically enough, it’s our drummer Mark [O’Connell’s] least favorite song.

It’s a great record, and we were listening to that together that night.

We often try to turn the television off and just have music on.

All Music: Does the band make time to listen to music together on the road?

Where do you think sits within the discography of Taking Back Sunday? I think each one is a bit of a progression from the next.

Also, I know that’s open to everyone’s own personal opinion.

I had like seven different melodies and sets of lyrics for it, but nothing was working and it was the most frustrating thing. The music was there, but I just remember having so many meltdowns about that. I’ve been able to fool everybody for so long and now it’s coming to a head right when we’re having our big shot on a major label.” Also, it’s not really a horror story, but it’s an awkward moment—in “Make Damn Sure,” right when the bridge happens, there’s this phone message.

My girlfriend at the time and I were in this huge fight, and there’s this phone message that she left me. I think it could go in the bridge.” He’s like, “Yeah, we should put it in there,” and I was like, “Right? It’s pretty sad.” Do you have a favorite song on the record? I remember doing the demo on it and going to Fred: “Hey, man.

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