When do nikki and jonesy start dating dating dinner parties kent

Caitlin is constantly forgetting to order lemons and ignores her customers, while Jonesy gets a job across the foodcourt.Wyatt wins VIP tickets for the Mighty Weasels concert, and both Nikki and Jude compete to get them."Yes I'm into girls, and I"m really flattered, but I already have a date for the dance tonight."And that's that.

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Call me immature or stupid or whatever but hey I make no excuses.Caitlin is in love with Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, so Jen and Jonesy try to help her to get a date with him.Meanwhile, Nikki is teased by the Clones after becoming a temporary assistant manager because her tag says A** Man short for Assistant Manager.While normally strict and the most lawful of the gang, Jen steals an expensive snowboard jacket to be hip and impress a guy who does not pay much attention to her.Meanwhile, Jude falls for a talking chair named Betty.

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