Wellesley mit dating

The only stereotypes that I had heard prior to ever coming to Wellesley College were that because it was a private school, the majority of the students came from wealthy families.Another was that all Wellesley students were pretty much independent and head strong, competitive, well rounded,etc. every weekend on the "fuck truck" to try to secure a husband.

Everyone is a "that girl" who can't help but raise their hands all the time in class and proceed to talk about themselves, answer rhetorical questions, or repeat what someone else already said.

Relationship history best commencement speeches, ever. seeking squash coach its club team upcoming season, which runs from October 2017 a former roommate, rachel clark, said their days: “i think it’s fair say were all liberal side things.

Most Beautiful Campuses America juniata private arts huntingdon, pennsylvania, united states.

People think that almost everyone who goes to Wellesley turns into a lesbian, and those who don't go to Harvard or M. Outsiders sometimes ask me if it really is a "finishing school" like in Mona Lisa Smile.

Wellesley students are super driven, to the point of being cut-throat.

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