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If you went back in time and saw them walking around the savannah, you would see animals that stood up and walked like we do, but they would've been smaller in body size.Their brains wouldn't have been as big, so their heads would've looked smaller. If I were to see, say, Homo erectus at the other end of a football field, I would probably call 911 and say, “Oh, there's a wild man over here, and, you know, somebody should put some clothes on him.” So what went on in the transition from the ape-like Australopithecus to Homo erectus?

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A new light shines at the Dawn of Humanity, right now, on this NOVA/National Geographic special.After 18 years of searching, he had found only a few isolated fossils.That's not unusual in the field of paleoanthropology.Now, in South Africa, in caves dangerously deep underground, two new species of hominin, our human ancestors, have been found.The first thing that came through my mind was Howard Carter's anecdote about opening Tutankhamen's tomb.

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