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While he often fits the trope Designated Hero because he causes as many problems as he solves, there have been cases where danger has occurred through no fault of his own, and he does step up to the plate and become a genuine hero. Kid Hero All Grown-Up: Though the continuity has been snarled to hell at this point with live action movies, newer cartoon episodes , Retcons , and Reset Buttons , he's been shown grown up a few times.In the original canon through Channel Chasers, he apparently keeps Cosmo and Wanda until he's 18 and later goes on to become a badass resistance fighter and spy against Vicky's evil empire.In fact, the episode " It's a Wishful Life " showed that the lives of all of his friends, family, and enemies, including Cosmo and Wanda, would be much better without him around. Not Allowed to Grow Up: It's been revealed that Timmy made a wish to prevent everyone on the show from aging.This might include him, given how he's being 10 since More so in Season 5.

an obvious dumb jock skit with three professors reviewing student projects ...

Kissing Under the Influence: Locked in a Freezer: With Vicky in "Snow Bound".

The entire show revolves around him being a loser in every aspect of life. Has become prevalent again, until he took a level in jerkass once again in the tenth season upon the introduction of Chloe Carmichael. To be fair, he does acknowledge this, and does make up for it in the end. For one episode at least, "Bad Heir Day", has him injured several times while trying to find Poof.

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He stopped saying this after a while see Wildcard Excuse below.

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