Vista updating failed

Bob Nuke and repave with a different operating system is Not a simple answer.

First of all it shows very poor trouble shooting skills and second, your comment on Vista is totally unsupported.

I also suggest that you install the latest version of Firefox 4 and select add ons and install Bit Defender.

You will have a tiny Red dot in the Tab that let's you run it at will.

And every once in a while an updatewill install but I don't know why. I run several free security software programs: Avast, Threatfire, Ad-Aware, Super Anti-Spyware, IObit Security 360, and Glary Utilities with Online Armor Firewall. Typically I haveabout 19-20 updates that will not install. Things work better when your machine has been streamlined.

I tried selecting themindividually but it does not work. Then, between downloading and opening your information turn your machine off completely and turn it back on again. Click on them to open and install, agree to the box that asks you if you'll let it make changes on your machine, and you should get it going then.

Pull the slider all the way down close all windows.

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The same situation occured with trying to install Windows updates. Open your Control Panel and Open the User Account Settings, Select that you want to Change user account settings.When our five Dell computers are due to be replaced, we will be buying Apples! I upgraded my Friends Grandson's Notebook from Vista to Win7 using the setting that kept most of the files.Some are not able to transfer and have to be reinstalled.I will scan very fast for Malware and Viruses and can be used in conjunction with any other scanners that you have. As to the Apple comment, there are some that are upset about the change from Power PC chips to Intel or even from the mighty Motorola 68K line.I've found a few machines that will not run Windows 7 at all. Anyone that thinks changing horses will solve this issue will only find themselves with more saddle sores.

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