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This is the first custom where I’ve had to include instructions on how to assemble a part of the record to get the full experience!

“It comes with a remote that has four different functions for patterns and lighting options, along with individual colour choices.

The first couple looked like a trench was made in these things, but eventually I got better tools and cleaned the record up and found the proper power.”“I mount a 45 adapter to an Ion Power Pack vertically,” he adds, “which keeps the cables from resting or being in the way of the tone arm.

Honestly, the vertical power pack was a happy accident that happened to work out the first time.

These special things are available at participating stores, with the purchase of specific records, while they last.

(DISCLAIMER)STREET DATE 3/31 NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS A silvery poster seems just right to commemorate the DVD/BLURAY release of ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, a film about the recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' latest record.

The Long Players released in this period were: note: The Rolling Stones debut album was initially introduced to U. No matter what someone may tell you, this is always a second or later pressing.

First of all, a 1st pressing of one LP may differ greatly from that of another, even from the same production year. A.' note, but would still be considered first pressings since the same plates were used. This was due to the fact that early LPs were not true stereo, but electronically re-processed from mono recordings. LP releases become more rare and valuable as the years progressed, culminating in the 1967 release of but were produced in other far-flung continents as well.

Thus far, reports of 11-18-71, 12-3-71, and 12-6-71 have been clearly identified..

It is possible to come across a set that has that specific date on any of the other three sides except the fourth, yet that is meaningless.

Widely considered one of the best records of the 1990s, R. M.'s Automatic For The People is being given the anniversary treatment and is in record stores now in Deluxe Double CD, Four CD/Blu Ray and 180g Vinyl versions.

Vinyl Tuesday is a way for us to encourage artists, labels, distributors and managers to continue to release physical music on Tuesdays when they can.

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