Validating an rss feed

After a bit of research (first starting on this page from the “help” link), I learned that in XML, you are forbidden from using an “&” (ampersand) symbol.

When I did that, the service couldn’t pull my feed. So, I went over to the “Troubleshootize” tab on Feedburner and decided to check the “Original Feed Validity” (which uses Feed to do so). Directly below that was my site’s title which showed “High Tech Dad™” with a little red arrow pointing at the “&” (ampersand).It’s not that the ampersand is forbidden in XML, it’s just that XML only supports a few types of XML (as outlined here).The HTML symbol for trademark is one of those not supported.You can use this feed validator to see if the RSS feed is valid or not.Enter the address of your RSS feed and hit "Check".

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