Updating xp home to xp pro

If you're installing Windows XP in a corporate environment, you may need to choose the Yes, make this computer a member of the following domain: option and enter a domain name, but check with your system administrator first.

If you're not sure, choose No, this computer is not on a network, or is on a network without a domain....

button and follow the directions given to install new languages or change locations.

Even though a repair installation does not alter any programs or data, other than Windows XP itself, on your hard drive, we highly advise that you take precautions in the rare event that something will go wrong and you lose data.

Note: The steps and screenshots shown in these 19 steps refer specifically to Windows XP Professional but will also serve perfectly well as a guide to repairing Windows XP Home Edition. Every modern Windows operating system has a similar operating system repair process.

message similar to the one shown in the screenshot above.

If the options listed match your preferences, no changes are necessary.

If you wish to make changes, click on the Customize...

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