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We'd like to cover some common issues you might run into.Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Gameplay: Didn't receive expected loot in Mythic Cache KNOWN ISSUE: Due to changes to the Mythic system in Battle for Azeroth, players will not receive their normal Mythic Cache loot and keystone this week.Dear all, Looking for help with the following problem: Back in the days when I played Windowed fullscreen mode, my mouse wouldn't move over to my second screen when I hit the border.It seems to keep doing this now, which is really frustrating, because it loses focus on the game.Tech: Fullscreen mode unavailable NOT A BUG: For compatibility reasons, the option to play in fullscreen has been removed from the game.

I literaly tried every ingame setting to change it but nothing helps. black stuff showing all over place https://i.imgur.com/ALC2X6Im playing with: Intel Core i7 16gb Ram Ge Force GT 750M 2gb Im averaging 10-12 FPS right now, while back in Legion I used to play fine. Looks like I bought BFA for nothing, since I wont be able to play it.

Optimally using my 144hertz gaming screen getting 90-144fps depending on the scenario.

Fullscreen windowed always made my game feel laggy, which to no surprise it does now aswell.

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