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Usually Maine DOT budgets between – 5 million per year for the MPI.

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Municipalities may also propose shifting long-term maintenance responsibilities as part of their share.

This is an important opportunity to help improve Maine coastal communities.

If interested, please review carefully an example of the yearly application criteria from the Notice of Availability for the Fiscal Year 2014 Tier 2 BIG Grant Program from the USFWS: After review, if your community or private business feels that it may have an eligible candidate for consideration for an upcoming year, and can fulfill all the requirements including pulling all the information together for an application, please contact Matt Burns at [email protected] call him at 207-624-3409.

Written regulatory interpretations regarding specific situations may also be obtained from PHMSA in accordance with 49 CFR Part 190, 190.11. While periodically assessing the pipe condition and correcting identified anomalies is an important part of the rule, there are other important requirements.

Operators must develop improved management and analysis processes that integrate all available integrity-related data and information and assess the risks associated with pipeline segments in HCAs.

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