Updating nissan armada navigation database

Most map updates are distributed via physical media such as DVDs, SD cards, and USB sticks.

The specific media for your vehicle's navigation system will be listed on the map update product page.

If you don't need off road or towing, go with a minivan; more space, more convenience, 30% cheaper. This is my second armada i also owned a 2005 se i love the power and reliability we use ours to tow a travel trailer extensively the self leveling rear end never gave us a problem and the power this unit has a fully loaded 29' trailer fells like your not pulling any thing i've owned fordm Chevy and dodge you can keep em these are in my opinion the most comfortable, powerful,and reliable suv/truck 4x4 on the market. I went from only owning Lexus vehicles, to this one, and I have to say, I love it - it's perfect. I traded in a Lexus RX because I wanted something with 3 rows of seats, with a third row that is actually usable.

There is ample room for 2nd row passengers, and tons of cargo storage throughout. In fact, I towed out a Ford F250 this winter that found itself stuck in the snow - and did it with great ease.

I have the Platinum version with bucket second row seats - so there is a console between the two seats. As a whole, I would totally recommend this vehicle.

It's great for family, or to fold down all the seats for hauling stuff.

Tows 9100 lbs - more than any truck in it's class.

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