Updating my sound card

I have a Gateway DX4720 and was checking out how up to date its drivers are. 8.17.125896) and did the automatic internet search, resulting in my driver was up to date.

However, I noted on Gateway's site that there was a Nvidia chipset driver... I had a problem updating my Ge Force, and I was hoping if you could explain to me what just happened: A friend of mine told me how to update my graphics card driver, and I went to see if I had any updates to do.

This information is sent to NVIDIA and matched to our driver database to check for updates.

You can configure how often you want NVIDIA to check for updates.

Unfortunately when I plug them in the sound still comes out of my speakers. If anyone knows anything that could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

You can also schedule regular scans to keep your existing drivers up-to-date.

With Driver Update™, you can keep your PC's hardware working like a pro!

That puts you in total control of the drivers that run your hardware.

You can choose which ones to update, and which ones to keep as is.

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