Updating mp3 file info

The general solution seems to be either open up the mp3 file in some sort of sound editor (for example... Then resave (Save As --- I had this problem with lots of my MP3 files, my solution is to use an audio converter.

I used EZ CD Audio Converter which is not free I you ask, but I guess other audio converters fix the problem.

I'd use this anyway to manage files since its a lot simpler than using explorer for large numbers of files.

I had the same issue, not being able to edit my MP3 detail.

Note that to save the metadata, you simply click the File Save icon or choose File - Save from the drop down menu.

It saves the metadata inside the original mp3 file without renaming the file.

The other would be to use a dedicated tag editor - I use mp3tag a lot to do your tag editing, assuming its just windows being silly.Metadata has nothing to do with the file name of the mp3, it’s information that you need a music player or special editor to view and/or change.Metadata is important for the following reasons: Once your mp3 song file is properly tagged, the song can be uploaded to either the Allmusic or CDDB music databases and will link you by name directly to those music files.There are also several free mp3 tag editors you can download to edit your extended metadata.Mp3tag is one Windows based metadata editor that supports a large number of audio formats; these include MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, MP4 (M4a/M4b), and more.

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