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By 1995 she was training others in using Linux - and in charge of all the "strange systems" at a (then) 90 million dollar company.Moving onwards, it's safe to say, Linux has been an excellent companion and breadwinner...She took over the HTML editing for "The Answer Guy" in issue 28, and has been slowly improving the preprocessing scripts she uses ever since.Here's an autobiographical filksong she wrote called The Programmer's Daughter.In my case, the Raspberry Pi is on so I use the command and press enter. All the software has been pre installed, all you need to do is edit two (or possibly three) files.Scroll down to line eight and change the xxx to your callsign and required SSID.May your gnu year be Heather got started in computing before she quite got started learning English.

That seemed like a good idea to me so I’ve prepared an image that just requires a handful of configuration changes which I will go through in detail below.

Steve Barrett's safari photos (I hope he doesn't mind) and some pictures of various laptops.

Specifically, this shows an Asus 3300, a Toshiba Tecra 8200, and clipart of a Powerbook and something more generic.

Did you know that the word "wildebeest" refers to a gnu?

Or that the GNU project's sourceforge equivalent is named Savannah?

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