Turn off ps3 updating

Once you log in, all the major features are under the Tools menu in the player.If you prefer, you can also log in directly from i Tunes, Windows Media Player or other players...then email us [email protected] we'll try resending that to you.If you have an alternate email address we can try sending the "Welcome" email to, be sure to include that, as well as your phone number in case our emails aren't getting through to you.Most of these work with our Custom Stream URL, but note that two popular devices, the Bose Sound Touch and Amazon Echo, do not support this feature.Alternative tune in options for those devices are shown below: Again, this is a list of the devices that we know Pure Stream works with. Whisperings Pure Stream will work with most devices and music players we've encountered. Your PASSWORD is whatever you set up when you first signed up. Typically, your Pure Stream USERNAME is the email address you signed up with.

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However, to send your username and password to most devices, you need to set up your device to access Whisperings Pure Stream via a Custom Stream URL. Here's an alphabetical list of the devices we know Pure Stream works with.

You don't need anything special to tune in from these devices.

You can tune into Pure Stream by simply by launching the player from our web site home page.

If your login information isn't being accepted, it generally means one of four things...

If you still have trouble logging in, just email [email protected] they'll be glad to help.

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