Top intimidating college football stadiums

Capacity: 102,455 No one does checkerboard designs better than Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium, whose orange-and-white pattern spills out of the end zones and onto the shirts of the 102,000 fans in the Vols’ home.

Throw in the howl of Smokey X and Rocky Top becomes one of the most intimidating venues in all of the SEC.

But how does your stadium’s sound of adulation compare to other stadiums?

Let’s find out by looking at 25 of the loudest college football stadiums in the country.

The valley shook in 1988 against Auburn, and with good reason…about 80,000 screaming reasons, actually.

The school has since upped its capacity to more than 102,000 and remains one of the quintessential college football venues in the nation.

That is what makes ranking SEC stadiums the perennial subject of debate. So who is correct when it comes to the best places in the SEC to be on a Saturday during the fall? 14 stadiums, but also that the SEC failed to crack Lawn’s list of the 16 best college football stadium landscapes. As your team steps onto the field you want to make sure your team hears your voice of encouragement.You fill your lungs up, prepare your noise makers, and you let it all out!Capacity: 102,512 Kyle Field is arguably the loudest college football stadium in the country.The Aggies fans earned the distinction as being the original 12th Man, in homage to their rabid faithful.

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