Tom selleck on the dating game

His one big dream was to enroll in University of Southern California, however the costs were way too high for him to afford.After the future graduated from Grant High School in 1962, he worked as hard as he could to earn a basketball scholarship.Tom Selleck learned what it’s like to work hard for your dreams at a very young age.His father did everything in his power to provide for his family and made a life-changing decision when he decided to move the family from Detroit to California in order to make a better life for the family.He is still happily married to his second wife of 30 years and is raising his daughter away from the spotlight.This is a story of a determined actor and family man, Tom Selleck.With his 6’4” figure and his great looks, Selleck started modeling and soon he landed his first commercial gigs.A big part of Tom Selleck’s life is definitely his military service.

When the family finally moved to Sherman Oaks, he enjoyed the Californian life as much as he could.

However, was signing a contract with the show the best professional decision that he has made?

The man and his moustache, which is an inseparable part of the actor and his roles, has had a windy road to success, but his one big positive light in his life is without a doubt his family.

Besides playing sports, Selleck also majored in Business and was a member of one of the University’s fraternity house, Sigma Chi fraternity.

It was during his last year of studies that his drama teacher pitched him the idea that he should try acting.

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