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well, also mostly black and she probably did everything to make her figure look even better than it already was. “Jeanne was suddenly standing next to them.„You two, now stop stuttering, this is a date and not a stuttering competition, now hold hands and kiss and go home and do whatever things you want to do, but stop that stuttering, that's awkward.“Noé looked at her and gave her one of his smiles and Vanitas was feeling serious jealousy. The two of them looked so different but they were getting along really well. And he was absolutely angry with Dante and Johann and Jeanne for arranging this.

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Jeanne, his co-worker had realized it for him and told him and seriously, it had been so obvious. Both of those answers sounded stupid.„It depends on you, what this is, I mean.“And then, Noé began to smile and Vanitas thought he might die right in this same second.„No, that's alright with me, I mean, forgive me, I have absolutely no idea on how this whole dating thing works, but Domi told me that I'm probably in love with you, so I think that's ok.“What did he just say? He would talk to her later.„Alright, I didn't know, Jeanne is very secretive about things like that.

) inclusief 2 consumpties (Bier, Fris, Wijn, Binnenlands Ged.) Dresscode : Only Sportswear* (*Dus geen naakt of underwear !!!

Everything had started with that guy, Noé, starting to visit every goddamn day.

He tried to make his hair look better which didn't work. A bad hair day on a day like this, why exactly on this day? It's really hot today.“Vanitas was still not over what Noé said. Behind the counter there were Jeanne, Dante and Johann, grinning at him and holding their thumbs up. I will read it, published or not.“Noé took a sip from his ice tea.„That's nice of you.

Everything had started with that guy, Noé, starting to visit every goddamn day. Noé looked at them in confusion.„Don't worry, they're only cheering at me actually...

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