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I struggled with erectile dysfunction during my courtship with my wife.It didn't really settle down until we'd been married for a while.

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My wife has been incredibly GGG, and I hope I have been, too. Now you know there's at least one couple out there whose sex life has only gotten better over the years.I had trust issues and guilt issues—boring stories—and I got a lot more comfortable once we'd made that commitment.Now we have two kids, and we have sex almost weekly. ) I doubt it's the norm, Dan, but that's what happened with me.It helped that we shared some kinks and were both up for what we agreed would be a nice and mostly companionate marriage. Turns out he needed that emotional attachment to feel safe and secure enough to open up and relax and enjoy himself. All it took for the sex to get better was practice and paying attention to cues and solving problems.I strongly suspect that perseverance and a bit of luck were also major factors.

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