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This dependency is driven by the way Windows authorizes access to resources.The computer or user must be a member of the group in order to access the printer or file server.This means network traffic from the client to the domain controller and back again. Latency introduces slow process, and slow processing is the last thing you want when the computer is processing Group Policy.Also, Preference Targeting allows you to create complex targeting scenarios using Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.One caveat with depending on group membership is the risk of the computer or user’s group membership containing too many groups. The Kerberos TGT has a finite amount of storage for this information.

The world of Windows has been dependent on group membership for a long time.Using GPP Security Group targeting for computers is a really bad idea.Here’s why: in most circumstances, the application retrieves group memberships from a domain controller.One example where we can move away from using security groups is with Group Policy Preference (GPP) targeting.GPP Targeting items control the scope of application for GPP items.

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