Susan sarandon dating

in the late '90s, winning an Emmy Award for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series in 2003.

When the iconic pop culture machine went off the air in 2006, the actress was at the top of her game, but while she's scored a number of roles since then, including the 2017 as Broadway lyricist Julia Houston in 2012.

Your position, as a life long advocate 4 the underepresented, is what matters to me," Messing argued, adding, "Your voice is powerful and influential.

While the actress' performance was generally praised, with writer Emilie Aries calling it "the best depiction of women on the small screen," this was yet another Messing-led project that failed to get off the ground. Despite her best intentions, Messing stirred major controversy when she shared a gun safety selfie following a tragic murder-suicide shooting in June 2017.

In response to Messing's harsh tweet, Sarandon hit back with: "[Hillary] is not protective till it's easy.

Bernie makes morally correct choices when unpopular," adding, "it is a dilemma" for "first-time voters." "You are not a first time voter.

But cheating rumors circulated after a co-star, Will Chase.

"It all happened very fast and it's a difficult situation," the insider said.

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