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#3) – Holly Jolly Christmas printable to dress-up your holiday decor!

#4) – Print and keep track of WHO you are giving to and WHAT you are giving them with these darling printable Christmas Lists pages.

Just pop a battery into this cute little LED Christmas tree and watch the motherboard light up its lovely flashing LED lights.

It may be a little small to put presents under, but with the recession this year, that may be all the space you need. If you ever wanted to tell the driver behind you something, you probably can find a use for the LED Car Emoticon Sign.

I love Christmas Time and I am so excited that finally December is here.

Today I have 12 New Free Christmas Printables for you and I’m also sharing an adorable handmade gift idea that I put together using the Free Printables that you can get here at The 36th Avenue today! I have received a bunch of emails this year asking me to create affordable gift ideas and these adorable card-stock stockings came right to my mind.

After all, buying earrings for someone doesn't mean you ever want to be seen with the person wearing them. It's only , making it the perfect price for any total weirdo in your life.

Here's a great way to merge old Christmas traditions with modern day technology.

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Of course, if you do buy these for someone, you might want to make sure you don't spend too much time with them afterwards. But for the handful of weirdos who love them, be it weird punk rockers or pro-life fanatics, this fetus cookie cutter is just what the clinic doctor ordered.

They are so easy to assemble and they make great little gifts! I made a set of four small ones and one set of two large ones.

Before you cut them make sure to get another piece of card-stock and lay the printable on top of it.

#11) – Printable “Dear Santa” Letter perfect for the kids to fill in and mail off to the North Pole!

#12) – Fun Christmas Labels for your Christmas gifts and printables for a fun Neighbor Gift Idea & tutorial.

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