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Don’t bother; to wrist customer service and totally ruined my night out. My friend came across their Melbourne event page and decided that it would be fun to give speed dating another go, we haven't been for a few years.She booked two tickets for us and registered my details for the event.I'll be raising this with the ACCC but wanted to warn anyone else about this ASAP!Having tried speed dating Australia one time before and looking forward to giving it another try in the near future, I’d recommend people looking for an energetic but carefully planed night a try! My experience and that of the below I can only say stay away from this company.I emailed this 3 times before I got the response 'we only just cancelled that event'.I replied saying that did answer any of my queries, and that I am now requesting a refund. Emailed again after then reading all of these reviews, told them if I didn't hear from them regarding my refund, I would put in a complaint with ACCC and fair trading.

Its no secret that Speed Dating has grown rapidly all over the world.

1 venue stated they were a real company but very hard to get a hold of.

The other venue was very short and unclear on their response, makes me wonder if they are in on it??

Have been to a number of their events over the last few years and its always a good night out meeting new people . It’s been three weeks now and I can’t get a refund for my money they have ignored my called and texts asking for money money back I mean what business doesn’t check with the venue the day before to confirm!!

With 16-18 dates it can seem a little overwhelming but the hosts help with the suggestions on how to enjoy the dates I attended an event last 8th June in Melbourne. They still have the venue on their website and probably selling tickets to it.

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