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Especially at the start, that’s an important point of reference for others to know about.” He thinks it’s a good thing that the Public Relations Department of Administrative Headquarters initiated the series of events, always in conjunction with the Press Officer of the Institute concerned.

Other alumni report that they would have liked to have had such an opportunity available to them while they were undertaking their doctoral work.

And the conversations pick up right where they left off when everyone comes together again at the end.

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“The speed informing was a thoroughly motivating and inspiring evening for me,” wrote one participant, who went on to say that it was much more informative to have the opportunity to sit down for ten minutes with all of the alumni than to sit in on presentations at the usual career events.

“I was able to ask the questions that were important to me and I received insight into the world outside of academia.” Other events are planned – including with alumni who have continued their careers in academia.

Blue and red, they’re highly stable when they’re folded together.

The stools are all positioned in little circles on the blue carpet – ready for five groups to get to know each other.

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