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We don’t discriminate who you are, what abilities you have, nor your sexual orientation, race, or gender expression.

Prospect Avenue Alvan Small, architect The Wolff House is an excellent example of Prairie School architecture adapted to the compact form of a medium-sized house.

This red brick chapter house, decorated with Flemish gables, is an excellent local example of the early English Revival style.

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Lawrence, banker and secretary of the Madison and Watertown Railroad.

The house is a refined and skillfully detailed example of the Italianate style that can compete in excellence, if not necessarily size, with the best Italianate style houses in the country. Archived from the original on April 23, This style was commonly built in Wisconsin speed dating madison wi the s and the s.

By the s Bernard was building his own boats as well, including several large, steam-powered speed dating madison wi boats that operated on Lake Mendota. Small designed some of the finest Prairie style houses in Madison.

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