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Producing superior chocolate with great love and devotion, and by using genuine old-fashioned methods and antique machinery, this artisanal house is honored today as being one of the greatest of chocolate makers in the world.“I believe De Medici will allow us to take our next step in the USA market.Six-time winner of the London Academy of Chocolate's prestigious "Golden Bean" award—more than any other chocolate producer—AMEDEI is a favorite of top chefs for its uncommon rich, creamy texture and complex, full-bodied flavor.The packaging alone is a work of art, designed by Tessieri's mother; the warm palette suggests there is something special inside.These programs were carefully developed to allow Atalanta's partners to engage with their customers and collaborate with their brands and suppliers."We have such wonderful partnerships with our suppliers.AMEDEI directly sources the beans from the most prestigious growers of cocao from small plantations in South America, Madagascar, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Grenada.This allows AMEDEI to know precisely where their beans originate, establish the cocoa’s high quality and ensure that the growers are fairly compensated.

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The promotions highlight BEEMSTER cheeses from Holland, MIFROMA Fondue Express from Switzerland, and PIAVE cheeses from Italy.Over the past decade, AMEDEI chocolate has been beloved by Americans, and it is our wish that will continue with De Medici’s vast array of partners.Most of all, I appreciate their history of importing excellent Italian products, opening true artisan crafts to a wider audience,” states Luigi Cigliano, CEO of AMEDEI. We admire their market expertise, particularly with Italian imports, and regard them as authorities on how to properly translate our food, and our philosophy, to the American customer." AMEDEI TUSCANY is located in the picturesque town of Pontedera, outside Pisa in the Tuscan countryside. Her reputation for making this superb chocolate is known to chocolate connoisseurs, and now we look forward to strategically expanding their market in both retail and foodservice channels." Luigi Cigliano, CEO of AMEDEI comments on the relationship with De Medici, “AMEDEI has found the perfect partner in De Medici.

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