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The only other feasible option for including Monument Valley in your trip plans would be to take a tour flight out of the Page Municipal Airport (PGA).

Flights typically run in the morning, so your tour group may be able to accommodate this somehow.

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Alley 🙂 Reply This was very helpful for a trip I’m planning this summer! I’ve been reading that there is a 7-day parking pass that people had to pay for just spending lunch hour at the marina. If you wish to enter either Antelope Point Marina or Lake Powell Resort and Marina, they are both located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, so you would indeed be required to pay that per vehicle entry fee, even if you were just having have lunch.

Hotels in these areas should also be booked ahead of time.

Another thing to plan on purchasing: an America The Beautiful Federal Lands Access Pass.

It would also carry over to Glen Canyon, but NOT Native American Tribal Parks like Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. If not, can it be somehow possible to hitchhike on that route?

And after visiting the Monument Valley I will have to make my way back to Kanab ( not Page) on the same day and get there by midnight latest.

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