Speed dating ice breakers

All attendees must then stand in a circle, pass the hat around, and each take out a note at random.

One-by-one everyone must read out what is written on their note and then try to guess which person has that hidden talent!

Another great way to encourage engagement between your conference attendees is to use the question ball method.

This involves blowing up a large ball–usually a beach ball–and writing typical ice-breaker questions all over it.

Make sure all your attendees are standing in a large circle, and then begin throwing the beach ball to each other!

Fact in a Hat is a fantastic way of breaking the ice between your conference attendees.-Have people sit at a long table facing each other. -Shuffle the questions and spread them out on the table. -If I were a cheese grater would you still love me? -If you could live at one age forever what would it be? Love Solution Ideal group size: This activity works best with small intimate groups that are going to be working or living closely together (theater groups, camp cabins, dorms, etc.). Remember the viral trend that claimed you could answer 36 questions with a partner to fall in love?Well it doesn’t always work…but as my brilliant friend Addy pointed out, it is almost always a way to break the ice and form strong relationships in a short amount of time! This is not technically an ice breaker game but it’s a ton of fun…and having fun means friendships are formed and the ice is broken. It’s also a little more complicated, so here are detailed instructions. Next, attendees must say something interesting that happened to them in the corresponding year.Author Jonny Heather Jonny, a keen photographer, is a Media Arts graduate.

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