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(No 4)100-200mm f4.5 Sigma Zoom in Nikon AIS mount100-200mm f5.6 Canon S. Breech Mount100-200mm f5.6 MD Minolta Brand Zoom100-300mm f4.0 Tokina ATX for Minolta MD100-300mm f5.6 Nikkor AIS100-300mm f5.6 Yashica ML Zoom100-400mm f4.5-6.7 Tokina AF Lens for Nikon100AF-130P Flash Pentax 110 (No 36)100mm f2.8 Miida Auto Lens with Arm for Miranda100mm f2.8 Nikon Series E100mm f2.8 SSC Canon FD Chrome Mount100mm f2.8 Vivitar for Minolta MC100mm f2.8 Vivitar lens for Non-AI Nikon100mm f3.5 Pro-Nikkor Nikon Projector Lens100mm f4 Portagon for T Mount with Macro Tube by Spiratone100mm f4 Takumar Box for Pentax100mm f4.5 Sandmar Telephot for Argus C3100mm f4.5 Tele-Lithagon for Argus C4 (No4)100mm f6.3 Kodak Anastigmat in Kodak Shutter (No 16)101mm f4.5 Wollensak Enlarging Raptar (No 6)101mm f4.5 Wollensak Raptar Enlarging Lens (No 20)102 to 152mm f3.5 Ektanar C Lens for Kodak Carousel (No 6)102 to 152mm f3.5 Ektanar C Lens for Kodak Carousel (No 7)102 to 152mm f3.5 Kodak Ektanar C Projector Lens (No 15)102 to 152mm f3.5 Kodak Projector Lens (No 16)102mm f2.8 Projection Ektanar C105mm f2.5 AIS Nikkor105mm f2.8 AF Micro Nikkor BOX105mm f2.8 Auto Miranda Lens105mm f4.5 AMAR Enlarging lens105mm f4.5 Schneider Componar (no mounting ring) (No 7)105mm f5.6 Schneider Componon (No 8)105mm Focusing Scale for Mamiya C330 TLR Cameras105mm Skylight Filter in fitted leather case for Mamiya RB6710cm (100mm) f4.5 Prerov Benar Barrel Lens (No 3)10mm (0.96") Celestron Kellner Fully Coated Eyepiece (No 10)10mm (0.96") Celestron Kellner Fully Coated Eyepiece (No 13)10mm B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 16)10mm BH Finder for 70DR cameras and other 70 Series (No 17)10mm Bolex Viewfinder Mask (No 1)10mm f1.8 Paris Angenieux in C mount (No 22)10mm f1.8 Paris Angenieux in C mount (No 23)10x25 Bushnell Compact Binoculars10x25 Vanguard Binoculars DA-1025110 AF-130P Flash for Pentax 110 cameras110mm f6.3 Kodak Anastigmat in Optimo No 1 shutter (No 13)11cm f4.5 CP Goerz Berlin Dogmar on 2x3 Speed Graphic brd12 Film Back (1960) for Hasselblad (No 9)12 Film Back (1965) for Hasselblad (No 6)12 Film Back (1967) for Hasselblad (No 4)12" Gold/White Reversible Pop-Out Reflector (new)12" Photoflex Soft Gold/White Lite Disk in case12.5-25mm f1.3 Zoom for Bolex Super 8mm Projectors (No 16)120 Clear Sleeves 25 Total (No 2)120 Film Back for Mamiya RB 67 (No 3)120 Film Pro S Back for Mamiya RB67 (No 2)120 Holga for 12 or 16 Pictures (New) OUT OF STOCK120 Holga with built in flash and Color Filters ("New") OUT OF STOCK120mm f5.6 S -Planar C lens120mm f8 Muticoated Super Angulon in Copal No 0.1216 Watch Battery123 Kodak Lithium Battery (dated 2018)123A Panasonic Lithium (Dated 2013)127 Film Spool127mm f4.5 Ilex Paragon Anastigmat Enlarging Lens (No 25)127mm f4.7 Coated Ektar in M/F synced Flash Supermatic Shutter128MB Olympus XD Card (used)128MB San Disk Smart Media Card (used)128MB Smart Meida Card Delkin Devices (New)128MB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and Duo Adapter (New)128MB Transcend Compact Flash card (new)12mm Canon FD type macro extension tube (No 3)13" x 13" Thick Micro Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth13,5cm f4.5 Hektor Leica SM13,5cm f6.3 Vidar Anastigmat E Ludwig Barrel Lens (No 17)13-25mm f1.5 Cinepar-Ultra Zoom (No 17)13.5cm f3.5 RE Auto Topcor for Topcon Super D etc13.5cm f4.5 Mamiya Sekor Lens for Mamiya TLR Cameras133D Speedlite Canon Inst, 37 pgs135mm f2.8 Carsen Preset Lens No Arm for Miranda135mm Canon Rangefinder Viewfinder in original box135mm f2.3 Vivitar Series 1 Vivitar Fast Lens135mm f2.3 Vivitar Series I Lens for Canon FD135mm f2.8 Albinar Lens for Minolta MD135mm f2.8 CPC Phase 2 Lens for Canon FD Mount (New)135mm f2.8 DSB Yashica Lens Bayonet Mount135mm f2.8 Elicar for Minolta MD135mm f2.8 Lentar for Non-AI Nikon135mm f2.8 MD Tele Rokkor-X135mm f2.8 Non-AI Nikkor Q135mm f2.8 Samigon Brand Lens for Pentax Screw Mount135mm f2.8 Sears135mm f2.8 Spiratone preset T Mount Lens135mm f2.8 Tamron Adaptall Mount Lens (Adaptall mount required)135mm f2.8 Tele-Auto Soligar Lens for Miranda with an Arm135mm f2.8 Telesor Lens for Minolta MD135mm f2.8 Vivitar Brand Lens for Konica135mm f2.8 Vivitar for Nikon Non-AI (Fungus)135mm f2.8 YUS Automatic Lens for Yashica Cameras135mm f2/8 Vivitar Lens T Mount (fits any camera)135mm f3.2 Haxanon for Konica135mm f3.2 Hexanon for Konica135mm f3.2 Hexanon for Konica135mm f3.2 Hexanon Lens for Konica135mm f3.5 Auto Miranda E Lens (no side arm)135mm f3.5 Auto Miranda Lens with Arm for Miranda135mm f3.5 Auto Vivitar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount135mm f3.5 Canon New Style Mount for Canon FD135mm f3.5 early Preset Takumar (for H series cameras)135mm f3.5 FL lens Canon Brand135mm f3.5 Hanimar T Mount Lens135mm f3.5 Hexanon for Konica135mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens for Konica135mm f3.5 Hexanon with filter & hood for Konica135mm f3.5 MD Celtic Lens135mm f3.5 MD Minolta Celtic135mm f3.5 Nikkor -Q non-AI135mm f3.5 Nikkor BOX135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q (non-AI)135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI135mm f3.5 Nikkor-Q non-AI135mm f3.5 Pentax Screw Mount Super-Multi-Coated Takumar135mm f3.5 Petri Lens135mm f3.5 Rokkor X for Minolta MD135mm f3.5 S. Canon FD Lens135mm f3.5 Schacht Munchen Lens for Exakta135mm f3.5 Soligar Pre-Set Lens for Exakta135mm f3.5 Super Takumar135mm f3.5 Super Takumar135mm f3.5 Super Takumar for Pentax Screw Mount135mm f3.5 Tele-Lentar (for T mount)135mm f3.5 Tele-Lentar Pre-set Lens for Exakta135mm f3.5 Tele-Lithagon for Argus C4 (N05)135mm f3.5 Vemar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount135mm f3.5 Vivitar Lens for Pentax SM135mm f3.5 Zeitar Tele-Lens for Canon FL135mm f3.5 Zuiko Lens135mm f4 Super-Dynarex Lens for Voiglander Bessamatic Cameras135mm f4 Super-Dynarex Lens for Voigtlander Bessamatic Cameras135mm f4 Tele-Xenar "S" Type Lens for Retina Reflex135mm f4 Tele-Xenar for Retina Reflex135mm f4 Tele-Xenar for Retina Reflex Cameras135mm f4.0 Dynarex Lens for Bessmatic135mm f4.0 Super Dynarex for Bessamatic135mm f4.0 Super Dynarex for Bessematic135mm f4.0 Tele-Xenar Schneider "S" for Retina Reflex S III and IV models135mm f4.5 Carl Zeiss Jena 4x5 Tessar on 2x3 Speed Graphic Board135mm f4.5 Beslar Enlarging Lens (No 2)135mm f4.5 Colorstigmat Enlarging Lens (No 1)135mm f4.5 Culminar f4.5 in Exakta Mount135mm f4.5 Culminar for Pentacon Screw Mount135mm f4.5 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 5)135mm f4.5 Wollensak Enlarging Lens (coating marks) (No22)135mm f5.6 Componon Enlarging Lens (No 6)135mm f5.6 Schneider Componon Enlarging Lens (No 4)135mm Sunset T Mount Lens (some glass marks)135mm Super-Dynarex Telephoto for Voigtlander Bessematic135mm Typonar Tele-lens1361 Contax IIa IIIa Black Dial Sync Cord for Flash Bulbs13mm BH style finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 22)13mm Macro Ring Generic Brand for Pentax K Mount Cameras14" f9 APO Artar CP Goerz AM. 1935 for Exakta C15mm - 25mm Technor f1.5 Projector Zoom (No 11)15mm Tasco Eyepiece (No 3)15X-45X Bushnell Zoom Spotting Scope16 MB Canon Multimedia Card1616 Duracell 'Car' Type Batteries Mar 20091616 Duracell Watch Battery (Mar 2009)1616 Watch Battery161mm f4.5 Kodak Projection Anastigmat (No 1)162mm f4.5 Wollensak Enlarging Velostigmat Barrel Lens AS IS (No 10)162mm f6.3 Wollensak Raptar AS IS (No 4)166A Canon FD Flash (No 4)167 Contax Standard Case16mm f2.8 YVAR Lens16mm 2 7/8" Projector Reels (two)16mm Agfa Tape Splicer16mm Belmont K161 Keystone Projector (See Rental Page)16mm Blank Film with the Reel and Metal Can (No 26)16mm C Mount Movie Lenses16mm f2.8 Sigma Eisheye for Canon FD16mm f2.8 YVAR AR in C mount (No 26)16mm Family Films 1939-c1950's (No 11)16mm Family Skating Movie 125 ft (No 13)16mm Family Skating Movie 125 ft (No 14)16mm Kodachrome Movie Film 50 Ft Sept 196016mm Kodak Projector lens (But not marked as such) (No 20)16mm Metal Film Spool (No 65)16mm Movie Cameras16mm Quik Splice Tapes (No 1)16mm Spool with used test film16mm Super Proval 2" f1.6 Bell & Howell Projector Lens (No 12)16mm Sync Block17-85mm f2.0 Pan Cinor Lens with side viewfinder (S mount)17-85mm f3.8 Pan-Cinor in C mount (No 21)177A Canon Flash (No 18)177A Speedlite Canon Inst17mm B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 8)17mm f2.5 Wide Angle Aragon (No 18)17mm f2.7 Wollensak Raptar (No 30)1800AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 4)180mm f4.0 Carl Zeiss Sonnar180mm f4.5 Mamiya RZ Lens180mm f4.5 Mamiya-Sekor (non-C) Lens for Mamiya RB67 (No 8)188A Canon FD Flash (No 2)18cm f4.5 Mamiya Sekor Lens for Mamiya TLR18cm f4.5 Mamiya Sekor Lens for mamiya TLR (overhualed)18mm Macro Extension Tube Couple for Nikon Non-AI Lenses1905 Oak Folding Tripod1917/1918 Berlin Negatives1928 Kodascope Film Splicing Outfit1937 International French Exposition (in French) (No 17)1939 Catalog (reprint)1939 Rollei TLR Booklet "Rollei Accessories", 22 pages.1941P Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar195 Polaroid Instruction Book Xerox 31pgs1951Rollei booklet The Practical Accessories, 15pgs (original)1976 Hasselblad Booklet , 22 pages (xerox copy)199A Canon A Series Flash (No 24)199A Canon Flash (No 16a)199A Canon Flash (No 17)1:1 Tube for Minolta MD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens1GB Maxflash Compact Flash Card (new)1GB Micro SD (2 parts) (New)1GB Patriot Micro SD with the SD card Adapter (new)1GB San Disk Ultra II CF (used)1GB San Disk Ultra II Compact Flash Card1GB San Disk SD Card (new)1GB Secure Digital SD Card pg1 (new)2 1/2 Flip Flashes (19 bulbs) (No 51)2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Zeiss Super Ikonta Brightline Finder 433/162 C Cells Varta Brand(Dated 2011)2 D Cells Varta Brand(2012)2 Hour Supertape High Standard VHS Tape2 Hybrid NIMH AA's 1.2V 2100 m Ah with charger (new)2" (50mm) f4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat in Alphax JR (No 8)2" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 5A)2" f4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat in Alphax JR Shutter (No 12)2" f4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat in Alphax JR Shutter (No 4)2" Spring Clamp2.0 GB Transcend Compact Flash Card (new)2.0GB Kingston SD card (used)2.0X Video Telephoto (No 14a)2.3X Barlow Lens (No 20)20 x 50 Vanguard Rubber Armored Binoculars (new)20-35mm 2.8D AF Nikkor20-40mm f2.8 Pentax 110 Zoom Like New (No 33)200 Film insert for Pentax 645 Cameras200-500mm F6.9 Tamron Tele Zoom200-AF Yashica with 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Yashica Lens2000 US Silver Dollar 1 Ounce Hand Painted2000FC Hasselblad Instructions 23 pgs (xerox copy)200mm f3.5 Auto Vivitar Lens for Exakta200mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens for Konica200mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens for Konica200mm f3.5 Vivitar Lens for Pentax Screw Mount200mm f3.5 Vivitar Minolta MC200mm f4 Nikkor Q Non-AI Lens200mm f4 Nikkor-P for Bronica S2 Medium Format Cameras200mm f4 SSC Canon Brand Lens200mm f4.0 Minolta MD200mm F4.0 Nikkor-P for Bronica S2 (No 5)200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q non-AI200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q non-AI200mm f4.0 Nikkor-Q.

Chicago C mount Telephoto (No33)4-6" Zoom to fit Sawyer Projectors (slight haze inside) works fine40" RPS White Studio Umbrella (new) (No 5)40.5mm Nikkor Cap for Nikkor Enlarging Lenses (No 13)40.5mm Polarizer to fit Zeiss Contax4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 8)4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 9)400mm f3.5 AIS ED Nikkor with cap and case400mm f4.0 Sport Fern Kilar for Mamiya M645 Cameras400mm f6.3 Spiratone T Mount Lens (fits any camera)400mm f6.3 Tele-Lentar Preset Lens (T mounts)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 73)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 74)41mm Cap Large Diameter for Bessmatic Lenses41mm Screw in Voigtlander Closeup Lens for Bessematic41mm Slip-on Voigtlander 1 Closeup Filter41mm Slipon Zeiss Jena 2 Closeup "Distar2"42" 8 Section Compact Tripod42-75mm f3.5-4.5 Yashica Brand Zoom Lens42.5mm Green 2 Slip-on Zeiss Ikon Filter42mm Contax Slip on filter for IIa/IIIa42mm Orange Slip on Contax IIa/IIIa filter42mm slip on Contax IIa/IIIa Filter42mm slip-on Light Green Filter for Contax IIa/IIIa (sl. 1980Ambico Auto/Manual Flash for Nikon EM FE or FM (No 43)Ambico Bag (No 82)Ansco Cadet (126 film) (149I)Ansco Cadet (127 film) (27I)Ansco Cadet III w/ flash (127 film) (136I)Ansco Color Clipper (120 film) (145S)Ansco Flash with PC cord for Press Bulbs (No 2)Ansco Pioneer (616 film) (47S)Ansco Pioneer (620 film) (56S)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (No 6)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (83I)Ansco Ready Flash Camera (620 film) (137I)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (22T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (26T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (60T)Ansco Vagabond (127 film) (79I)Anscoflex II TLR with flash (620 film) (52T)Antique and Classic Still Cameras 7th Ed 1990-1991AO Stereo Hand Glass Ape Compact Camera Bag (No 29)Apple Quick Take 100 Digital Camera Magic Lantern Guide Argus 35mm Metal Bound Slide Mounts (about 30 total) (No 11)Argus bulb flash (probably for Argus 75 cameras) (No 58)Argus Bulb Flash for M Base Flashbulbs (No 78)Argus C3 Bulb Flash (No 68)Argus Fan Flash for M base bulbs (no capacitor) (No 47)Argus Fan Flash for Press base bulbs (No 48)Argus Flash for Press Bulbs (No 12)Argus Metal Slide Trays (3) with metal slide frames Argus Remote Control Cord Argus Seventy Five TLR (620 film) (23T)Argus Super Seventy-Five TLR (620 film) (90T)Asahi Pentax Brand Screw Mount Bellows Unit Asahi Pentax Macro Focusing Stage Asco 127 Ready Flash w/ flash (127 film) (49I)Aster Fan Flash Gun Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 9)Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 8)Auto 132X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 16)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 12)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 20)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 11)Auto 220X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X Series) (No 13)Auto 25 Flash for Minolta SRT (No5)Auto 25 Minolta Flash (for SRT cameras) (No 19)Auto 30FX Flash for Minolta XG (will work on X series) (No 6)Auto 310 Olympus Flash (for Shoe 2)Auto 310 Olympus Remote Sensor Auto 32 Flash for Minolta SRT (No 7)Auto Flash 220X for Minolta X Series Cameras (new) (No 21)Auto Focus 70-210mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens for OM 77 Cameras etc.

Hasselblad Industrial Photography Booklet 19pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Instructions Various Items (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Landscape Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Leather 'key chain' Hasselblad Lenses 1982 26 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Lenses, 30 pgs, 1975 (xerox copy)Hasselblad Portrait Photography 1988 25 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Portrait Photography Booklet 19 pgs (Xerox Copy)Hasselblad Super Wide Instructions 1954 33 pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad The System 1991 15pgs (xerox copy)Hasselblad Wildlife Photography Booklet 23pgs (Xerox Copy)Hawkeye Lens in EKC Shutter with mounting ring Hawkeye Instamatic R4 (126 film) (168I) (heavy metal body)Haze 1 Rollei Bay I Filter Haze Filter in Kodak W Filter Mount (No 53)Haze Filter Kodak W mount (No 49)Head for D2V Omega Enlarger w/ Variable Condenser Head Master K&F Products Co LA (No 4)Heat Glass for 860H Kodak Projectors (2 1/2" dia)Heavy Flash Bracket with shoe (No 73)Heavy Light Mount (No 51)Heavy Light Mount (No 52)Heavy Metal Leica Screw Mount Body Cap (no name) (No 81)Heavyily Chromed Exakta Lens flange ring (No 23)Heidosmat 85mm f2.8 Rollei Projector Lens (New)Heiland 2 Cell Flash (No 62)Heiland 35mm Camera Bracket with hot shoe (No 62)Heiland Pentax 46mm Cap for 135mm f3.5 preset lens Heiland Solenoid with bracket High Quality Pebble Grain Bag (No 13)Hit "TYPE" Camera Cases-Says "Camera" on the front of cases Hit Film Cassette (No4)Hit Type Camera Case (No1)Hit type camera case (No3)Hit type case (No2)Home Sweet Home Candy Dish Wall Hanging (No 14)Home Video Equipment HP Photobooks 160pg 1984Honeywell H1a Honeywell H3v Honeywell Pentax Bellows II (for screw mount)Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Fan Flash for M Series Bulbs (No 46)Hood 5cm f1.9 Lenses on Miranda (No15)Hood "ADUNI" for 8mm Bolex (No 10)Hood / Filter Strap Mounted Case for Contaflex Hood Cap 14089 65mm for 65 & 90mm Elmarit (No 87)Hood Cap fits hood 12564 Leicaflex R2/50 R2.8/35 (No 88)Hood Cap for 90mm f2.8 Elmarit (No 76)Hood Case (fits 4x4 Baby Rollei)Hood Cover for Hasselblad Hood for 2.8cm f2.8 Miranda Lens with leather case Hood for 28mm f2.8 Lenses on Miranda (no14)Hood for 28mm f3.5 Hexanon Lens Konica Hood for 2x3 Graphic Graflok Backs (No14)Hood for 2x3 Minature Speed Graphic (No12)Hood for 35mm f2.8 MC Rokkor-HG Lens in leather case Hood for 5.8cm f1.4 RE Auto Topcor Hood for 5cm f1.9 Lens for Miranda (no13)Hood for 75mm f.4.5 Pentax 6x7 Lens Hood for 80mm f2.8 Kiev 60 lens Hood for Retina IIIc Hood for the Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 Planar Lens (No 3)Hood Metal Bay I (Walz Brand)Hood/Filter Adapter Ring #1285 (fits 13mm f1.8 YVAR) (No 9)Hood/Filter Holder for Bolex 8mm (No 11)Hope 7x50 Metal Binoculars with leather case Hope subminature camera case Horseman 6x7 Roll Film Holder (No4)Hot Shoe with PC fitting (Hama brand) (new)How to Take Better Sports films by Raymond Ziesse How to Take Good Pictures by Kodak 192p 1982How to Take Great Pictures 35mm Autofocus Point & Shoot Cameras How to Use the Cine-Kodak Special 88pg (xerox)HP Photosmart 435 Camera (3.1 MP)HP Photosmart A610 Series Ultra Compact Printer HP Photosmart R07 Battery (used)II Kern Paillard Cap for 8mm Bolex (No 17)IIIc Leica Case Ikoblitz 4 Bulb Flash new in well worn box Ikoblitz 4x1 Bulb Flash for Flash Cubes Ikoblitz Bulb Flash with Cord for Flash Cubes Ikoblitz LD Flash for Flash Bulbs Imperial Debonair (620 film) (50I)Imperial Debonair (620 film) (64I)Imperial Debonair 620 Camera Outfit Imperial Flash Mark XII (620 film) (No 10)Imperial Flash Mark XII with flash (No 7)Imperial Flash Mark XII with flash (No 8)Imperial Herco (620 film) (18B)Imperial Reflex TLR (620 film) (71T)Imperial Reflex TLR (620 film) (No 34)Incident Dome for Weston Master III (& probably IV)Incident Light Dome for a GE PR-1 Meter Incident Light Dome for Weston Master Meters Infinity Stop Set (folding)Insta-Flash TLR (620 film) (78T)Instamatic 44 (126 film) (161I)Instamatic Reflex Camera Instructions (original booklet)Instamatic Savings Bank (104M)Instoscope (early look through sight type light meter)Instructions for Celestron (42pgs) xerox Instructions for Mamiya 645 Pro (on CD)Instructions for Minolta-16Ps (xerox)Instructions for the TDC Vivid Stereo Projector (xerox copy)IQZoom 900 Pentax Camera IQZoom Pentax Jack Power Viewing glass (directors viewing glass)JC Penny Flash (for minolta XG cameras) (No 18)JC Penny Flash (No 83)JC Penny Flash Manual or Auto (No 72)JEN Z Clip JEN Products Co.

NY (No 34)Jenova Camera Bag (No 55)Jiffy Kodak Six-20 (620 film) (26D)Jim's Camera Low Residue lens cleaner for optics glasses etc JTL Wireless Slave Flash (will work with any digital camera)Juplen CAP (approximately 62mm/63mm) (No 4)JVC Camcorders. 12mm Tasco Eyepiece (No 8) (new)K1000 Pentax K1000 Instruction Booklet, 32pgs.

) (No 70)Elgeet Wide Angle Viewfinder "No 705" (No 76)Elinchrom EL-Skyport Universal Trigger Set ELJY BOXElmar Slip on 'F' Filter E.

Leitrz New York discolored (No 100)ELMO Cap 57mm (No 36)Elmo Super 8 Film Counter with Zero Reset Button Elmo Super 8 Flash Bracket #3264-4 (No 47)Elmo Super 8mm Movie Camera Lens Cap (No 18)ELW Nikon Camera BOX (very rare)EMDE Stereo Aluminium Slide Masks (10 pieces) for Busch Verascope Slides Empty 16mm film cans (2)EN-EL1 Nikon Nicad Battery (used)EN-EL10 Prof Series Battery for Nikon Coolpix S600, S520 & S210 (New)EN-EL2 Nikon Nicad Battery (used)EN-EL3 Battery for Nikon D50 D70 D70s or D100 (new)EN-EL3 Lenmar Nicad Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)EN-EL3 Nicad Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)EN-EL3 Nikon Brand Nicad Battery for D100 D70 D50 (used)EN-EL3 Professional Series Battery for Nikon D100 D70 D50 (new)EN-EL5 Charger for EN-EL7 Charger for Nikon Cool Pix 8400 8800 (new)EN-EL8 Nikon Brand Nicad Battery (used)Enalrger Mount for Exakta Optics (No14)ENEL-3E Professional Series High Capacity Battery for Nikon D80 D200, D300ENEL1 generic brand Battery Charger for Coolpix ....

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