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A spanking magazine is a commercial erotic or pornographic magazine for adults with spanking fetish related contents.

Spanking photographs and artwork have been used to illustrate countless fetish-oriented magazines (on bondage, domination, slave-training, etc.) since the late 1940s.

I now am a much more considerate and respectful husband,thanks to Annie’s T. C.(although the only thing that is “tender” is my burning asscheeks) I do my best to keep these sessions to a minimum.

The idea of spousal spanking turns me on,too; but the sting of that brush is another matter, I’m not exactly cheering her on when my wife is reddening my ass good, over her knees!

After we had reurned from the beach, Anne informed me that she didn’t appreciate how I starred at all the female bodies.But still the spanking went on; my wife said that she intended to teach me a lesson that I wouldn’t soon forget- and believe me- I didn’t!That started our life of Annie being in charge of my discipline and she doesn’t shy away from her duty.This Tote Board will automatically re-compute the number of confirmed spankings in DC and Marvel comics each time the table above is built.Timely and Atlas will be counted as Marvel, but even so, DC will probably maintain its lead in this competition forever.

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