Sources of error in radiocarbon dating cruise dating show

There also exists more evidence such as the linguistic, ceremonial and spiritual similarities between the Chinese culture and those of other parts of the world in the fifteenth century.

This comprised (a) a continental split which began during the Flood, but became final "soon" after. All of the desert regions you mentioned appear to have had, at one time, contained advanced civilizations involved in a nuclear war.Were you aware that Captain Cook in his voyage of discovery along the East coast of Australia had pre-existing maps.Chinese appear to have been among those who were mapping the world at that time - a mapping project which included North and South America as well as Antarctica - and some of whose maps were later copied by Piri Reis. But this does not explain the other 99% of sophisticated technology found in the ruins of ancient civilizations.China (founded a few centuries after the Great Flood) was just a portion of a vastly bigger picture.

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