Song ji hyo dating

If you remember, this photo sparked a lot of questions about whether the two are dating.

Gary explained, "That was at 'Running Man' dinner after we attended a year-end awards ceremony.

He then said, "Outside of the broadcast, there hasn't been one time when we contacted each other about personal things.

When you have a loveline for that long, there are things that you learn about that other person that makes you think 'oh, Ji Hyo has this kind of side to her?

So because of that, I've really just been working." SEE ALSO: [Interview] Ask anything and everything: Let us know your questions for IN2IT! We lived in sin for long enough, our children will be the sweetest." But really.

The audience member seemed unwilling to let go of his fantasies about the 'Monday Couple', and asked if there will be a song in Gary or Leessang's album about Song Ji Hyo.

Though A & B have always been humouring their fans and saying they are just friends(brother and sister kind), their actual loving relationship has already reached the boiling point where happy accidents can happen and lead to a premature marriage(technically called shotgun).They kept their manager-actor relationship, which is actually a great mature way to handle a breakup with a person in the same business.Cje S Entertainment, however, did not completely break their support for Song Ji Hyo.Song Ji Hyo drew lots of attention on this episode for not only the initials on her finger nails, but because of the reunion of ‘Monday Couple’ as well.Yoo Jae Suk teased Song Ji Hyo and Gary that they now sit together as if that’s just the way should be and Song Ji Hyo had replied that it was Monday, so that there were no alternatives.

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