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Utilizing tools of breath work, mindful movement, conscious touch, communication and boundary/empowerment/consent skills, I facilitate client empowered experiences where people can learn how to re wire neural pathways to pleasure and learn how to have a new relationship with their bodies. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome.

My innately intelligent hands, guided by healing energy, intuition and years of training, explore the body, seeking and releasing tensions and adhesions, reposition soft tissue and mobilizing joints.

All members below have agreed to abide by the ACSB Code of Ethics when practicing Sexological Bodywork.

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Much of the work I do, whether dialogue or hands-on, is in permission-giving; encouraging embodiment and acceptance.

With over 15 years experience, she is dedicated to working with clients in a way that is supportive, confidential and entirely free from judgment to resolve their challenges and redesign their sex life according to their unique needs and desires.

Hello, I offer compassionate and explorative sessions to help you re-integrate your spirituality and sexuality. An unabashed hedonist, my life goal is to empower people to live fully and joyfully in our bodies; to see and to truly believe in our own beauty.

I strive to bring pain relief and well being that is gentle to receive, educational and profoundly relaxing. I earned the title of senior teacher of the Hendrickson Method® orthopedic manual therapy.

I studied Shiatsu, Watsu, Craino-sacral work, two years of counseling training at Interchange Counseling and a certificate in Sexological Bodywork.

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