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360-degree surveillance shows the woman on a shopping spree."They bought gas, she bought a pocket knife, latex gloves, they bought some cigarettes,” said Lindell.

“You can see her actually holding the victim’s wallet.”About an hour later, the couple is caught on video at a Walmart in Atmore, where Lindell says they attempted to spend hundreds of dollars, but the transaction was denied."They tried to buy a TV, a rug, and other household goods."Lindell says credit card records show the couple went to two other gas stations and a Dollar General."Both are frequenting locations in Perdido and Atmore that they seem to be familiar with, so we feel like they are from that area,” said Lindell.

During her absence, she had become invisible to the boy she loved.

She was too embarrassed to go back to school, and her parents didn’t force her.

One of the first places the couple went to was a Chevron gas station in Perdido.“The stolen girl” was how local television reporters had come to refer to Angela B——, age thirteen, who had vanished while walking from her house, at one end of Mrs.Wilson’s block, to the school-bus stop, at the other. Wilson could not picture the smiling young face she saw on television (and in store windows and stapled to telephone poles and taped to the back windows of pickup trucks and blown up and plastered on the sides of Metro buses) on her own front porch.FOX10 News is committed to putting the spotlight on people "Caught in the Act".Each week, we work with local law enforcement to show surveillance footage of people they need your help identifying.

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