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Even though there was no evidence that smoking would hurt the fetus—I had been reading around—all the research wasn't in and a baby was far too important to take any gambles with. The other thing it affects is inter-ocular pressure. I go out there at sunset and practice what I call "serenity kayaking." It's a nice slow-moving time and a joint is always part of that. I just smoke a little to make the food taste even better!

Whenever I quit smoking for a couple of days, by the third or fourth day my eyes start really hurting. They could hardly miss what I was doing while they were living here. People see me—maybe not necessarily smoking—and call out, "Are you as happy as you look? I like more complex foods, and of course, sweet things." Where do you get your marijuana?

It was surreal, as if I wasn’t in control of my actions. After years of smoking, those pathways get altered. But when it comes to nicotine, it can take years to heal those pathways. By the time your dopamine pathways heal, by the time you MIGHT be able to take a drag without getting addicted, you’ll no longer have any desire to do so. Even after all these years as an ex-smoker, I believe that a single drag might be enough to reignite the dopamine pathways and send me right back into addiction. Personally, I think they may be aliens in disguise. Certainly, they are not addicted like you are, or like I was. I desperately wanted to believe that I could be like them, and I tried really hard to do it. At least 8 of my quit attempts failed because I tried to smoke “just now and then”. You may actually be lowering your stress threshold rather than raising it. But if hating smoking made it easier to quit smoking, you would have quit already, right? For the next 3-12 months, you’re going to smoke guilt free. Notice the cigarette, the color of the cherry, the feel of the drag, the shape of the smoke. And then needing to smoke another one immediately after because you missed the first one. You need to break the cycle, and the way to do that is by feeling good. The course above gives you everything you need to change your life using 2 minutes a day of qigong as your gateway habit. If you’re not going to learn it right this instant, then schedule a time to learn it. If you finish this article without scheduling a time, then no matter how good your intentions, you won’t do it. Keep smoking, and enjoying yourself, until you have made a strong habit of doing 2 minutes a day of qigong. Set the date far enough in advance that you can continue to do two things for a few more months — enjoy smoking, and practice qigong for 2 minutes a day.

During one attempted quit, let’s call it attempt #5, I actually picked up someone’s half-smoked cigarette from the ground. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and messes with your dopamine pathways. Rankin that there is “no such thing as an incurable illness”, and I’ve seen the incredible power of self-healing in myself and thousands of students. All of us have one thing in common — we’re completely done with smoking. What about those people who can just smoke on weekends? If you quit too many times, you’re creating more stress than you’re eliminating. Lighting a cigarette and smoking half of it without hardly noticing. You feel bad, and then you want to smoke more, and then you feel worse, so you smoke more. Keep trying until you succeed in doing it every day for 30 days.

If I took longer smoking breaks, it'd be more dramatic but like everything else, you get used to it.

Think about how many cigarettes, day in and day out, you’ve smoked. Even when major stresses come into my life, I still don’t feel any urge to go buy a pack. Until that day, you’re going to continue enjoying your cigarettes (a Zen exercise), and also doing 2 minutes at least once a day (and preferably twice).I would never be high for those." You stopped smoking during your pregnancies—did you experience any withdrawal symptoms? First of all, I don't want the smoke in the bedroom and my husband is an athlete, and he doesn't want to inhale secondhand smoke. In the warmer weather I like to keep it out of the house—I want it to smell clean. In the winter, I'll put my hand up the fireplace chimney to help it go up and away. Oh, another place I like to smoke in is my kayak." Wait, stop. "I have one near my house because I live fairly close to the water."I didn't take any risks during pregnancy—if there had been anything wrong with the baby, I would've been mortified. When I take a little break these days—as I did recently on a trip to Ireland—I don't feel any physical craving, but the first night or two, it was more difficult to get to sleep. At the end of the day when I get it in the water, smoking is my reward. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get — a fresh start on life. As the director of Flowing Zen and a board member for the National Qigong Association, I'm fully committed to helping people with these arts. That way, you can wake up the next morning and start fresh. Because of that memory, you’ll be less likely to go backward, and more likely to go forward. I’ve already taught thousands of people from all over the world how to use qigong for their own stubborn health challenges.

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